RawSilk Photography with Sarah & Roni at The Honorary Artillery Company, London

Jewish wedding photographers London – RawSilk Photography celebrating with Sarah & Roni at HAC, London


Jewish wedding photographers london


By RawSilk Photography –  Jewish wedding photographers London 


Sarah called me just after christmas and told me that she had been struggling to find a wedding photographer. One of her friends had been a guest at Sacha and Daniels wedding that we shot at Gibson Hall last year and the bride and groom had been raving about their photographer, i.e us and suggested she check out our work. We met up at a coffee shop in central london the week after christmas and immediately clicked. Sarah and Roni told me that they were still deciding on their wedding venue and that the HAC was in the running. I told them how much I liked shooting there and I gave them the link to Geeta and Nakuls wedding that we shot a couple of years ago and that clinched it for them!

Have a look HERE for Geeta and Nakuls wedding album.