Portraiture Photography Workshop London – Week 4

Portraiture photography workshop London – Week 4 RawSilk Photography

By Stefan Lacandler – Founder & Principal photographer at RawSilk Photography 

Portraiture photography workshop London – Week 4 –

Bride & groom portraits


Portraiture photography workshop London


Portraiture photography workshop London – Week 4 – Bride & groom portraits

For those of you who are already married I don’t need to tell you that this is a time that a lot of bride and grooms, especially grooms dread, I know that I did! I always try to make sure that I get at least 30 minutes to work my magic but myself I only gave my photographer 15 so we have to make it work with whatever time we get!

Try to make it as relaxed and fun as possible. Plan it & know what you are doing. Use your allocated time efficiently by shooting in a candid reportage style even while you move between locations. Always try getting the composition right in camera, selective-focus points and use rule of thirds, leading lines, dirty frame etc, be creative, this is the time to take risks and experiment. Shallow depth of field, bring it on! Give the couple room to ‘breathe’ by using a long lens and have them interact in a natural way, walking, talking and try to catch moments of natural affection rather than try to stage it. Direct the couple if you feel they need help or if you want to achieve something specific but don’t push it too hard. If it feels contrived better leave it and move on to something else. Be sensitive to their body language and understand that this is not a fashion shoot, what they really want is to get back to the party!

Below is an assignment that I give my students for my wedding photography workshop at LSP London School of Photography – Have a look HERE for arguably the best wedding photography workshop in London.

  • Bridal Portrait shoot. In pairs each student will carry out a 10 minute recce together and plan their shoot. Students will assist each other during the shoot with reflectors, carrying equipment etc.
  • We will conduct a realistic portrait shoot with a model, both indoors and outdoors on location.
  • We will explore how to work with ambient light and flash both on and off camera. Using various focal lengths and techniques to create flattering portraiture.
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