Portrait Photographer Workshop London – Week 6

Portrait photographer workshop London – Week 3 RawSilk Photography

By Stefan Lacandler – Founder & Principal photographer at RawSilk Photography 

Portrait photographer workshop London – Week 6 – Directing or not directing


Portrait photographer workshop London


Portrait photographer workshop London – Week 6 – Directing or not directing


Empathy – The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The biggest difference between wedding photography and other forms of commercial photography is the nature of your subject. While it is always important to put your subject at ease it is crucial that you understand what a momentous occasion this day is for the couple. Having your picture taken can be daunting even at the best of times!

Let’s start with the bride and groom preparation, it’s normally early in the morning – The getting ready stage of their big day.

This is a tense time with lots of nerves so try to stay calm and be as unobtrusive as possible again try to imaging what it would be like if the roles where reversed. After I got married myself I truly understood what a stressful time this can be! Try to arrive 15-30 minutes early and take care of the still life/detail shots rather than throw yourself straight into the action stressing everyone out.

There are times when you need to direct the subject, this is not one of those times. ‘Fly on the wall’ that’s you! Be friendly, take your shoes off, and let everyone get on with their respective jobs. Always look for new angles, are there mirrors or other reflective surfaces? Can you shoot through windows or frame the subject with doorways? Use the foreground to ‘dirty’ frame the subject. Don’t forget to mix it up with wide angle as well as tight portraiture and remember that it’s not all about the bride and groom but moments, real moments of intimacy and emotions, that’s storytelling.

For fantastic portraiture have a look at Nadav Kander HERE a true master of the profession.


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