RawSilk shooting some Kids portraits with Samira & James’s little Leo in Muswell Hill

Kids Portrait Photographers London   – RawSilk Photography meeting up with old friends Samira & James & little Leo!


kids portrait photographer london



By RawSilk Photography – Kids Portrait Photographers London


Samira and James had been waiting for this day for ages, for us it felt like just the other day that we came over to their house shooting some pregnancy pictures. We had not seem each other for ages and now within a couple of weeks we where back again for baby Leo’s photographic debut! What an absolute cutie, an absolute superstar model in the making, no pretensions or slightest bit of prima donna behaviour with this boy, no no no…


You always hear of nightmare stories about people working with animals and children and the common consensus seem to be not to work with these unpredictable little beings but when James and Samira brought me in to see Leo I felt a sense of relief, I think you can tell really quickly whether it’s going to be a successful shoot or not. In all my years as a professional portrait photographer I only ever had to cancel/re-shoot one children portrait sitting, the kid just couldn’t stop crying and I felt so bad for the parents I just ended up suggesting us cutting our losses and live to fight another day!


Have a look below and see what you think, as far as we are concerned we can’t wait to work with this cool dude again! Take care Leo and mum and dad, hope to see you again soon!



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