Wedding Photographers London

RawSilk Photography is me; Stefan Lacandler, a 39 year old Swedish photographer based in East London. I set up my London wedding photography business, RawSilk Wedding Photographers London in 2006. I’ve shot weddings all over the place, in Scotland, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden and Thailand and my work has been published in GQ, Men’s Health, Condé Nast Brides, London Bride and Love my Dress to mention but a few. As a professional photographer I work in all kind of environments, in a studio, on a film set or at a wedding. There is always pressure whatever I do but no more so than at a wedding where there are no second chances. I always express myself artistically and I pride myself on delivering consistently high quality images that are visually exciting, punchy and emotional. Most importantly I aim to give a true depiction of what actually happened on the day, I like telling it like it is in the most beautiful way possible. I have photographed over 200 weddings as well as numerous films and commercials but you can never afford to be complacent. Every wedding is a fresh start with new possibilities and risks. That’s what keeps me on my toes, what keeps it interesting for me and what makes me want to keep doing what I do.