RawSilk Wedding Photographers London

RawSilk Photography is me; Stefan Lacandler, a 39 year old Swedish photographer based in East London. I set up my London wedding photography business, RawSilk Wedding Photography London in 2006. I’ve shot weddings all over the place, in Scotland, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden and Thailand and my work has been published in GQ, Men’s Health, Condé Nast Brides, London Bride and Love my Dress to mention but a few. As a professional photographer I work in all kind of environments, in a studio, on a film set or at a wedding. There is always pressure whatever I do but no more so than at a wedding where there are no second chances. I always express myself artistically and I pride myself on delivering consistently high quality images that are visually exciting, punchy and emotional. Most importantly I aim to give a true depiction of what actually happened on the day, I like telling it like it is in the most beautiful way possible. I have photographed over 200 weddings as well as numerous films and commercials but you can never afford to be complacent. Every wedding is a fresh start with new possibilities and risks. That’s what keeps me on my toes, what keeps it interesting for me and what makes me want to keep doing what I do.

Stefan Lacandler: Wedding Photographer London

A wedding is unlike any other event, not just for me as a photographer but for every single person fortunate enough to be there. It is a day full of emotions, nerves, laughter and tears, and it goes by so fast; it’s almost a blur. The biggest challenge for me as a wedding photographer in London is to stay calm and focused while being right in the middle of the most nerve racking day a couple have experienced together. It is my responsibility to make sure that your wedding pictures reflect the importance of the day, bringing those memories into focus. I pride myself on being discreet and unobtrusive and I would never interfere with the proceedings just to get that perfect shot. Having said that, the stakes are high and it’s no good staying on the sidelines, I believe you need to be close to the action in order to make those moments memorable so I trust in my instincts and experience and most importantly I stay curious. The biggest compliment you can get as wedding photographer, in my opinion, is when a couple can honestly say that they don’t remember you being there taking all those images. Being told that your work brings those memories back to life, over and over again, is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

My Wedding Photography Portfolio

As a wedding photographer in London you are judged on the quality of your work and putting together a portfolio of work that represents you as a photographer is a really interesting process. As photographers we all have our favourite images, moments that were especially poignant or technically challenging, images that we are especially proud of. These images are normally what you see when you first go onto a wedding photography website and, if to your liking, what makes you move onto the wedding gallery page to see if they are just flukes or part of a body of work by a photographer worthy of photographing your own wedding. I picked these nine weddings as examples of the style and consistency of my work. I deliver a minimum of 300 images per wedding but I believe this gives you a fair idea of what you could expect if I were to photograph your wedding. Photographing the wedding day is the all important beginning but it’s in the editing and retouching that it all comes together, it’s where I shape the narrative and bring out the best in the images. I will deliver around 70-80% of the images in colour and the rest in black and white. The decision to convert an image to black and white is made by me and it’s done to improve the visual impact of that specific moment and the circumstances under which it was taken.

Choosing the right wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is probably the first time a couple have contemplated hiring a professional photographer and for most of them it’s a major worry. The idea of entrusting anyone with something that important, let alone someone you don’t know can be daunting. Personal recommendations are always valuable, I get a lot of my business this way, but sometimes your friends photographer isn’t the right one for you. Bridal magazines, wedding venues and the internet are all useful ways of finding a wedding photographer. Next you want to find out about availability and prices. Most wedding photographers, myself included, will not have their prices displayed on their website and while that may be frustrating for a prospective client there is normally a good reason for leaving it out. I can only speak for myself but the reason that I don’t display my prices is simple, the price is dependent on the circumstances. Wedding photography is seasonal, May-September and December is peak season for me, other times are usually quieter but there are exceptions such as bank holidays. There is also a premium attached to weekend weddings and wedding locations that require long travel times, flights and overnight stays. I wish I could tell you there was some secret formula for selecting your wedding photographer but the reality is that you need to do your research. There are a lot of wedding photographers out there, some are better than others, and you normally get what you pay for. Once you have found a couple of photographers, whose work you like, that can work to your budget, it’s time to meet them face to face. Personal recommendations, testimonials and internet research are all great ways to make a short list but you really do need to meet the person who is going to be entrusted with something as important as photographing the biggest day of your life. I always appreciate it when couples come prepared for the meeting, this is a great opportunity to ask questions and to get to know each other a bit better. We would normally go over the running order i.e the wedding preparation, ceremony and reception and talk about how the couple see the day, what their expectations and concerns might be. I will talk about my experiences and how I like to work and together we will find a way to approach the photography that will not only put you at ease but also guarantee that we meet your expectations.